4 Mobile Apps to Improve your Move

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May 14, 2015
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July 29, 2015
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Moving comes with a whole host of stress related tasks that you can often forget to factor in during such a colossal undertaking. In our technological age, there have been some pretty cool apps released that will help make moving easier on you. Finding movers in Jacksonville, FL should be top of the list, and here are some apps that can help you with everything that follows.

Google Maps

When you are moving into an area that you are unfamiliar with, or even across town, Google maps makes it easy to get directions straight from your phone. You can choose to get the directions in writing step-by-step, or you can have it verbally dictated as you’re driving so you don’t have to worry about being distracted.

It can actually be a lot of fun to use because you get to choose from different voices and possible routes. You’ll be able to explore your new area hands free, and also find restaurants and grocery stores quickly.

Weather Channel

This a great app to have for even more than your moving day, but it certainly does come in handy when all of your possessions will be outside at some point. This will give you the heads up for what you and your movers in Jacksonville, FL will need to be prepared for. If the temperature is going to be exceptionally high, you can plan ahead to protect items such as electronics that shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat. Or if there are scattered thunderstorms, you’ll know to look out for those clouds to avoid the rain where possible.


Your movers in Jacksonville, FL will be ready to move all of your neatly packed boxes and furniture for you, and will be impressed at your organizational skills when you use Sortly. You can create a visual inventory with this app, making it so much easier for you when unpacking at the other side.

You select a category, take a picture, and then add a description of the item. With each box you pack, you file it accordingly in your visual inventory. When it’s time to unpack and you need the most important items first, such as the coffee maker, you just check your app for which box it’s in, and you won’t have to worry about digging through every box searching for that one item. It’s a huge time saver when unpacking.


While your movers are doing their job, you can start to look at Yelp for reviews of businesses in your new area such as restaurants, vets and plumbers. This is a great moving tool to help get you acclimated to your new neighborhood and to see what your new neighbors are saying. Don’t forget, if you had a good experience with your T & E movers in Jacksonville, FL, give them a good review!

There are loads more apps out there as well as the ones mentioned above, but these are a great starting point when moving. Plus, they make moving a little more fun, and a little less stressful, which is always a bonus! If you’re less stressed you can concentrate on more important things like getting to know your new neighborhood and neighbors! J