4 Ways To Save Money During a Move

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May 19, 2016
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May 23, 2016
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Save Money on Your Jax, FL Move

Moving to place can be refreshing a new place means new experiences.  Despite how exciting it may be moving to a new place actually getting there can be stressful and expensive.  Here are a couple ways to save money during the transition.

Pick the right moving methodSave Money on Your Jax, FL Move

The most common ways to move including the following methods:

  • Rent a Truck – Probably the cheapest way to move but will also require the most work and involve the most risk
  • Hire a Moving Company – Probably the more expensive way to move but the most convenient and stress free
  • Get a container or a Pod – Price will vary depending on distance and you can hire labor or load it yourself

Choosing the right method will be determined on what you value more, time or money.  That being said whichever way you choose make sure you get a couple estimates to compare.

Get your deposits back

If you’re a renter, your security deposit could cover the costs of your move, so do your best to get it back. Clean the apartment and do a walk through with your landlord if possible. If you can get the deposit back on the spot, great. If not, give the landlord your new address and ask when you can expect the check.

 Shop smart for supplies

A good way place to look for cheap boxes that are good for moving is on Craigslist in the free section.  Many people that have just recently moved will post their used boxes on the site to give away all the person has to do is go pick them up.  Used moving boxes are better than liquor store boxes and trash bags

Budget for the unexpected

Unexpected expenses are certainly going to pop up during a move, therefore, it is better to be prepared than to be shocked.  A prime example, is moving into a new place only to realize that the rooms don’t have lights and now you will have to either go buy extra lamps or light fixture and get it installed.  So it is important to have a small budget set aside to help ease the pain of those unexpected expenses.