5 Things To Do When Moving Out of An Apartment

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Jacksonville Apartment Moving CompanyEveryone knows moving day can be stressful that’s why you should develop a game plan to follow so you don’t overlook some things when moving out of your apartment.  The following is a list of things you should do to help ensure you get your deposit back.

  1. Round up all keys – You should gather all the keys you received when you signed the lease, for example, your apartment keys, mailbox keys, clubhouse keys, and/or gate keys. You should check your lease agreement to see exactly what and how many keys you received.
  2. Empty the Apartment – I know this may sound obvious since you are moving out but many people make the crucial mistake of forgetting a closet or just leaving an item they don’t want in the apartment. This adds work onto the landlord which could cost you all or part of your deposit.  Make sure you do a thorough walk through to ensure everything is cleared.
  3. Patchwork – After the apartment is empty you should make a checklist of stuff that needs to be repaired, for example, patching holes from pictures, touch up paint work, or fixing minor that were broken. You can ask your landlord to supply you with a can of touch up paint after you fill the holes left behind from the pictures you hung.
  4. Clean – A thorough cleaning is a must in order to get your deposit back. All bathrooms should be disinfected and bleach cleaned.  All appliances should be scrubbed of any residue. All floors should be mopped and vacuumed, baseboards wiped, windows and blinds cleaned.  You can also look into hiring professional apartment movers and cleaners that specialize in apartment move outs.  They usually know exactly what needs to be done to secure the deposit.
  5. Walk-through – You should schedule a walk through with your landlord before you hand over the keys and make it clear of all the work you have done. This gives you a chance to detail the amount of work you put in by pointing all the stuff out you did also a chance for you to see if you overlooked anything they may point out.  And be sure to let the landlord know you will take care of that as your main goal is to get your deposit back.

The work involved to get your apartment back into the same shape you received can almost be more overwhelming than actually moving the furniture out.  But it will all be worth it once you receive that forgotten money you deposited.