5 Tips for Moving Long Distance

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February 16, 2015
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March 5, 2015
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Any type of move can be stressful, but when you are moving across the country or to another country all together you need to have a plan in place to keep yourself from going crazy. You are going to need to do some thinking about your move and find yourself some long distance movers in Jacksonville who can help you.

Streamline Your Stuff

 The fewer things you have to pack up and move, the better off you will be. Long distance movers can tell you that more stuff means more expense and more time.

Right after you discover that you are going to be moving, start implementing a plan to get rid of things you don’t need. Donate, give away or sell anything that you haven’t used in the past year. Throw out old junk that needs to be repaired or fixed up.

Consider the qualities of the location where you will be moving. If you are going to live in a warmer climate, you might not need that heavy winter coat. If you are moving from a suburban house to a city apartment, you probably have too much furniture.

Figure out what you will use, and get rid of the rest.

Get Several Quotes

Research as many long distance movers as you can and get several quotes. Prices can vary widely, so find out what is included. One company might include extensive insurance in the price, while another may not.

Also check the references of your moving company. Make sure they have successfully moved a number of families before trusting them with your relocation.

Create a Schedule

Get a calendar and figure out how much time you have until your move. Then make a list of everything you need to do. This should include packing, making arrangements for pets, looking into schools for your kids and any other moving related tasks no matter how small.

Write each task on the calendar so you know when it needs to be completed. Your move is going to go much more smoothly if you have a schedule in place.

Pack One Room at a Time

Take a tip from experienced long distance movers and pack one room at a time. Label each box with the room where it belongs. This will save you countless hours of sorting through boxes to find what you need. Instead of having to go through fifty boxes looking for your special spatula, you will only have to go through the five boxes marked kitchen.

Draw a Floor Plan

Create a floor plan for your new home and draw in each piece of furniture and where it belongs. Assign each piece a number, which you will write on the floor plan and attach to the piece itself. This way you and your long distance movers will know exactly where everything should go, even in the confusion of unpacking.

Moving is never easy, especially when it involves long distances. However you can do a lot to make your move go smoothly by sticking to a simple plan.