6 Great Ways to Compare Moving Companies

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June 20, 2016
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What exactly does it mean to compare moving companies and how can it help you during your relocation process?  Well, like everything in life there is a good and a bad and choosing a bad moving company can become a nightmare.  Most people don’t pay attention to the small important factors that separate a good and bad moving company and potentially risk going through a bad move.  Here are a couple tips to consider in choosing a reliable moving company for your next move.Comparing Movers

Online Presence

A solid moving company will be found online relatively easily.  A reputable moving company is going to want to be found online with a website that promotes real life photos rather stock internet images.  They will have contact information easily accessible and won’t make you jump through loops to find an address for where they are located.  They will list information such as US DOT number and links to review sites on their website.  While a bad company that is out to scam won’t have a website or just a generic one.

Location and Service

A reputable moving company will be glad to answer all the tough questions like are you licensed and insured, what is your location, and can I get some references.  They will invite you to their facility so you can see their operation and get a little more comfortable feel for how your move will go.  A scammer wouldn’t have an office a most likely will be operating from his cell phone.  Even if you don’t intend on meeting with the moving company at their office face to face you should still ask if they have an address just so you can look it up to see if it’s just a home or an actual office.

Shape of the Trucks

A company that does not care for its own personal stuff like their trucks, their employee appearance, and tools will definitely not care about your personal stuff.  A good indication of whether the company is worth anything is just by the look of their trucks.  They will routinely be serviced and cleaned to insure that the furniture that goes in it will not get dirty or infested.

US DOT Number

Every moving company must register to get a US DOT number which in turn can be searched by the consumer to get information about that company.  You get this information off the FMCSA website and can be searched from here.  You can get information like how many trucks they run, how many employees they have, how many accidents or infractions they have, and what is the status of their insurance.

Online Reviews

In the digital age everything is reviewed somewhere and just like any industry they will give you a good sense of who the good and bad guys are.  The top sites to go to would be Angieslist, BBB, and Yelp.

Compare Prices

That old saying where if it’s too good to be true it probably is plays in to effect in the moving industry.  If a company quotes you a real low price on the telephone that should automatically raise red flags.  They usually give a real low price just to book the job and then will tack on different fees and services at the end.  You should always get a few quotes to get a general feel for the market and can see if you are getting a good deal or potentially scammed.

These few tips should help you pick the right reputable company for your move.  A little extra research in the being will keep your furniture out of the hands of shady movers.