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Moving to Jacksonville, FL

When you are planning on a home move, there are a few things that you need to consider in making the move easy and less stressful for you and your family. The following advice is something to consider when you are in the process of relocating.

Moving to Jacksonville, FLManage Your Move on a Reasonable Budget

When you have decided to move ensure that you effectively manage the home move on a reasonable budget by doing these three things: planning, deciding and budgeting.

  1. Without a plan, it will surely fail. Ensure that you are ready when the big day comes so plan in advance how you are going to make your home move efficiently done. Consider the various things to consider such as hiring local moving companies, packers, etc..
  2. Once you have taken into considerations all the factors that go about with the options, decide promptly so that you can finalize the details such as hiring a moving service or an apartment mover.
  3. Research on how you can save with the costs by asking the long distance moving companies their moving quotes. You can also research mover reviews to help you decide which one suits your needs.

Hire the Best Moving Company in Advance

Once you have decided on the moving company you want to hire, make sure that you hire them in advance. It is to your advantage that you plan early and book them early for a few reasons. An advance booking can offer better deals and they can give you discounts which allows you to save on costs as compared to booking on a later date.

Another reason why it is better to book a local mover in advance is that you will have the freedom to decide on the time and date because booking early means you have less competition  with their schedule. When you do it first then you can easily get the slot.

Once you have booked the best moving service to help you then you can start  preparing for other things you need to do such as packing and labeling your things, and planning on help during the loading and unloading process as well as the unpacking after moving in to the new home.

As soon as you have booked your mover, you can now start with the other necessary things to do such as packing your things. You need to label them properly and ensure nothing gets lost in the process. You can also ask ideas and suggestions for the home move from the moving company. With their experiences, they can give you some insights that might be helpful.

Pack Your Things and Label the Boxes Properly

Once you have settled things with your local mover, it is time to start organizing things for packing. Here are steps that you can follow when you are starting the packing process so that you end up getting your things organized and easy to find:

  1. Gather all the packing boxes and materials that you need. You might need a pair of scissors, heavy duty packaging tape, labeling stickers, marking pens, wrapping sheets, etc.
  2. Prepare a “moving file” to organize the important paperwork that you need during the home move. This file will include the mover reservation, packers’ list/fees with tips, contact information, and a list of the boxes and their contents.
  3. Set aside a box for the family’s use during the packing period and several days before the actual moving. This would contain the clothes they will wear during those days as well as the utilities they need during those days. Make sure this box doesn’t get mixed up with the other boxes that are packed.
  4. Save space and money by using the clothes for padding instead of buying bubble wrap to use as padding for breakable materials. Glassware can be wrapped with socks.
  5. Take a picture of complicated set ups like the back of your TV or stereo system before you disassemble and pack them so that you won’t have difficulty putting them back in your new home.
  6. As you start packing, reserve an open space near the garage or anywhere easy to bring out for loading during the day you will move. In that place, put the boxes and you can drag and drop all your stuff during the packing process. Give each family member his or her own box so that they learn to keep their things in one place. Make sure you label them properly.
  7. As you start packing, wrap delicate things before putting inside the boxes and put them in the best position to avoid damages. Put heavy items at the bottom and the light ones on top. Pack fragile or breakable items with the clothes as padding and position them with extra care. Don’t pack air and use wadded newspapers to fill the empty spaces. Put the boxes with fragile items on top of the others.
  8. It is advisable to pack everything that belong together such as things that are in the same room and label the box appropriately. Small items can be packed separately in small plastics or boxes before putting them inside the big boxes.
  9. Label the boxes accordingly. Write down their contents in one of your moving files so it is easy to find them when you unpack. Always monitor the boxes as you go through the whole moving home process. Make sure they are all accounted for. You might want to number the bigger and heavier boxes first so they will be the first to be loaded too and the lighter ones or those with fragile items are placed on top of them.

Moving from one home to another should not be very difficult if you plan. It is very important that you research in advance the most important things you need to know as they will be handy during the process of planning, deciding and budgeting. Planning the home move early will surely help you make the right decisions and cut on costs.

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