October 1, 2016
Jax Movers

Tips on Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Good and timely moving tips can make your entire relocation as easy and fast as it can possibly go. Our assistance on how to label packing boxes helps with a few words about what exactly you will need to create a good labeling structure for your moving containers. Quality markers The very first thing you must have to label your moving boxes properly is a set or two of permanent markers to use to mark down your containers. For several reasons, avoid the attraction to purchase the cheapest markers you can possibly find. Instead, go for a set of markers from a quality brand which you are familiar with. This way, you can use the writing tools for other purposes […]
September 19, 2016
Moving Jacksonville Homeowners

Helpful Tips for Packing A Garage

Trying to prepare a garage for moving day can get very hot and overwhelming.  Here are a few helpful tips that can make moving day a lot easier: Put items in categories. The sorting task will take time but you just have to do it because of the fact that storage areas usually contain either very useful things or very worthless ones. Designate two large areas and place all the items you are taking with you in one area, and then leave the rest into the second one. You will need a lot of cardboard boxes that are in good shape and strong. Because most garage items are heavy, you need durable boxes to hold them safely. Also, it’s important […]
September 9, 2016
Jax, FL Movers

Considering Moving to Jacksonville, Florida?

I have been a mover in Jacksonville for over 15 years now and have learned everything there is to know about this city.  I have traveled every inch of Jacksonville, been through every major development, and know all the nooks and crannies. I know Jacksonville is not considered the major metropolitan like a Miami or Orlando yet but it is well on its way.  Here are a couple reasons why you should consider moving to Jacksonville. Housing The housing in Jacksonville is excellent whether you plan to own or rent you can get a lot of bang for your buck.  For the price of a small condo in other cities throughout the country and you get a large 3-4 bedroom […]
August 22, 2016
Pool Table Mover

Helpful Tips If You Have To Move Your Pool Table

Moving a pool table to your new home can be quite challenging but some people enjoy the challenge. These individuals will often decide to move it on their own with a few helping hands. Is this the right choice? Probably not. Pool tables weigh a lot and are shockingly fragile. Moving a pool table requires both muscle and technical ability. There are lots of moving companies in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas that have an experienced moving crew, some with dedicated experience in pool tables in particular, so calling in the pros makes sense. However, if you choose to go solo with some bulky armed friends, keep reading for tips on how to keep your pool table damage free. Disassembling […]
August 17, 2016
FAQs for Movers

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Moving is often quite overwhelming. Not to mention stressful. Research has shown that many households will move approximately four tons of stuff with them. As a result of this, at least one hundred boxes will be used. Because so much is involved with moving, many people often have a lot of questions. We at T&E Movers have come up with some answers to a variety of questions that moving companies are often asked. We hope you find these helpful. How Much Will It Cost To Hire You? Our particular business charge a fee for every hour. Payment is also required for the amount of time traveled. This is all added up together once the job has been finished. Our hourly […]