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November 5, 2014
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December 8, 2014
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local businessLocal companies are very beneficial to communities. They give opportunity to entrepreneurs while providing the community with quality services and products. It is best to support local business over the big name stores. Local movers in Jacksonville, FL are not hard to come by. T&E is an excellent choice that will get your move accomplished with ease. There are many reasons why you should choose to support a local business rather than the large chains.

Preserves the Community’s Character

If you care about your community as a whole then you should support local businesses. They preserve the appearance of the community. Local businesses also provide the community an economic advantage. If you want to see an increase in your community then start supporting locally.

Community Well-Being

The well-being of the community is greater when local businesses are thriving. When local businesses are doing well, the community tends to contribute to other local causes and build tight relationships with neighbors. All of this directly benefits the community growth.

Local Decision-Making

When business are owned by those who live in the community, the town can rest assured that the decisions being made by the business will not impact the area in a negative way because that would be bad for the business.

Local Business, Local Money

When you buy from large chain stores, you are not helping local businesses thrive. Helping big corporations make more money does not help your community. Give back to your city by supporting local businesses. When you recycle your money into your community you can see the results.

Job and Wages

Supporting local business directly impacts the people of the community by paying the employees that work for the businesses. Jobs are very important and local businesses offer better wages and benefits than most large chains do.


Local businesses are the product of entrepreneurs. Supporting their businesses will benefits their families by making it possible for them to move out of low wage jobs and into the middle class.

Environmental Sustainability

Town centers are where the majority of local businesses are located. Therefore, many are within walking distance of one another. This is ecofriendly and encourages people to walk more and use fewer resources in the process.

T&E Movers in Jacksonville, FL is an excellent local option for your next move. We move throughout Florida and Southern Georgia. Due to the fact that we are a local business, we are like your neighbor and only want to provide you with a quality service to ensure that your move is a great one. Choosing local movers in Jacksonville, FL should be easy. We will take all the guess work out of choosing a high-quality moving service. Know that because we are local that we have the community and therefore your best interests at heart. We offer services that will make it difficult to want to choose another moving company. Our services include packing and cleaning. Give us a call today to see how we can best provide for you!