Save Money By Choosing The Right Moving Day

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June 9, 2016
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Saving Money

Choosing a move date should not be a random act but rather a strategic move that could save you hundreds of dollars.  You should have a brief understanding of what factors go into affecting prices for certain dates on the calendar.  Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when choosing a move date.

  • Saving MoneyPrice of Move – Supply and demand is a real thing in the moving industry and greater the demand higher the price of the move. There are highly sought after dates to keep in mind, for example, summer time, weekends, holidays, and end / beginning of the month.   Try to avoid these time periods if at all possible.  The ideal time would be middle of the week in the winter season.
  • Needs – Moving into a new house can be exciting but coordinating getting there can be a pain. You may be closing on your new house today and closing on the sale of your old house tomorrow and want to move somewhere in between.  Make sure you call your moving company well in advance to make sure you book the time you need them to be there.
  • Movers Availability – Keep in mind most reputable good moving companies are rather busy therefore calling weeks in advance will insure you getting the date you need.
  • Time of the day – Generally it is best to start your move early in the morning and clear your day of any other tasks not having to do with the move. Reserving a morning slot better insures your movers show up on time.  Also the movers coming to actually move your furniture will be rested and fresh.

Planning your move can reduce stress and save you money.  With these helpful tips you should be able to narrow down the ideal move date and time that would best suit your needs.