Considering Moving to Jacksonville, Florida?

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I have been a mover in Jacksonville for over 15 years now and have learned everything there is to know about this city. I have traveled every inch of Jacksonville, been through every major development, and know all the nooks and crannies. I know Jacksonville is not considered the major metropolitan like a Miami or Orlando yet but it is well on its way. Here are a couple reasons why you should consider moving to Jacksonville.

Jax, FL Movers


The housing in Jacksonville is excellent whether you plan to own or rent you can get a lot of bang for your buck. For the price of a small condo in other cities throughout the country and you get a large 3-4 bedroom house in Jacksonville. Same great deals when renting also.


Throughout Jacksonville there are large expansive neighborhoods that are pretty much all inclusive. They have their own churches, sports complexes, clubhouses, golf courses, shopping centers, parks and community events. Some of these neighborhoods include SawGrass, Eagle Harbor, Queens Harbor, Julington Creek, and Nocatee. You will be hard pressed to have better neighborhood communities anywhere else in the US.


Jacksonville sits in such a sweet spot geographically that we have good weather year round. Other than a few months throughout the year that can bring lots of rain or some extreme heat you are pretty much strolling in tanks and flip flops. Jacksonville also has the uncanny ability to dodge most major hurricane and tropical storm threats.


Jacksonville is very large land mass wise coupled with the low cost of living makes it prime location for large companies to open up bases here. An example would be the new Amazon distribution center opening in Jacksonville. Our port is always undergoing expansion efforts to accommodate larger ships and more traffic. Our roads are constantly being widened due to all the new traffic coming to Jacksonville.


We have a NFL team, we have the beaches, we are 2 hours from 5 different amusement parks, and we come offer both country and city life with our growing downtown.

There are countless other reasons why someone should move to Jacksonville but the ones mentioned above should be enough to convince anyone.