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September 9, 2016
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Trying to prepare a garage for moving day can get very hot and overwhelming.  Here are a few helpful tips that can make moving day a lot easier:

Put items in categories. The sorting task will take time but you just have to do it because of the fact that storage areas usually contain either very useful things or very worthless ones. Designate two large areas and place all the items you are taking with you in one area, and then leave the rest into the second one.

Moving Jacksonville HomeownersYou will need a lot of cardboard boxes that are in good shape and strong. Because most garage items are heavy, you need durable boxes to hold them safely. Also, it’s important to have moving containers in different sizes because of the several shapes and sizes of the things you will pack inside them.

Bubble wrap will be great for the more fragile and valuable items found in your storage area. The air-filled plastic material is considered by many to provide unrivalled protection for subtle and breakable things. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the existence of some of your garage items, wrap them up well in bubble wrap to avoid accidental damage or breakage.

Moving blankets very useful during the process of garage packing. Their protection is excellent, and the great thing about them is that their protective area is big enough to keep larger items perfectly safe during transportation. Specific moving blankets are ideal, but you can always use any old blankets you can find in your home as a substitute.

When packing a garage to move to or from Jacksonville, it’s vital that you label appropriately the packed boxes so that no mistakes or identification mistakes occur when it’s time to unpack them. Take your black marker pen and write garage on all of the boxes, including their detailed contents. Also, it’s a good idea to write down any special handling directions, such as fragile or this side up, if necessary.

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