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Calling for a moving company in jacksonville

If you are in the middle of your preparation for relocation and you need a moving company, there are basic steps you need to take as you decide on the service provider you are using. These are the best practices you need to follow to pick the best of moving companies in Jacksonville, FL.

You need a local call

The first step is to make sure you have a phone book and make three picks among the different moving companies around Jacksonville, FL. A moving broker is not necessary as the tools you need to use to find a reliable company are all handy. During your inquiries, confirm that the companies will be doing the moving and not subcontract it. Request for them to come to your residence and carry out an inspection so you can have their estimate.

Look at the estimates you have been given and ask questions to confirm the differences in prices as this might be traceable to an item or the other. Do not accept a quote on the basis of cubic feet; let it be based on the actual items in question. Make sure you understand any paperwork you are given and don’t be in a hurry to sign. Get as many details as possible and a complete dossier from the sales rep of each of the local moving companies on your shortlist.

Get Online

Using the dossier, search online with the MC (Moving Companies) and (Department of Transport) DOT license numbers to confirm that there is insurance cover for their operations on the (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) FMCSA website. Should the corresponding details on the site indicate $0 or no “for insurance on file” and “cargo”, then mark down the company.

You should also check on the company’s reputation with Better Business Bureau if it is in good standing. Call the bureau’s call center to confirm if the companies have complaints on file. Where there is none, you can move ahead.

Place a call to FMCSA and contact their consumer complaints hotline to confirm the complaints history of your moving company shortlist and rate them in order of the severity of complaints. This needs to be done if you do not want to find yourself on the wrong end of a short stick.

Do a Double Check

Not to be scammed by any of these, post a message on moving scam website and ask questions if anyone have complaints against the leading company on your shortlist. Most message boards are quite active, and there is likelihood that you will get a notification in a day or two.

On your agreed day of movement, if any company other than the one you hired shows up, do not dither, get them fired right away. Remember never to sign a blank paperwork and read till you understand, if not ask the help of someone who can explain better till you have a grasp.