Moving your office is always a delicate balance of preparation and execution to avoid as much down time as possible. The scariest time for any business owner is not being available to answer that million dollar phone call.   Here are a couple tips to make the transition to your new office as smooth as possible.

  • Jacksonville, FL office moversArrange for telephone and internet connections to be setup before the actual move day arrives. Most telephone companies can setup remote sites at your new location which will allow the phones to ring at the new and old location.
  • Provide packing materials, boxes and labels, to your employees so they can pack and label their own stuff. Have them disconnect their computer and transport it themselves or put it in boxes for the moving company to transport
  • Schedule your move with the moving company during non business hours. For example, if you are a Monday – Friday company schedule the move for a Saturday but if you are 7 day a week company schedule the move to begin after 5pm.  Most reputable moving companies understand the nature of this request and can make accommodations accordingly.
  • Send out notifications to your business affiliates, to the customers you regularly invoice and regularly get billed from letting them know of the move so no bills or checks get lost in transition.
  • If you lease a copy machine, contact the place you lease from and arrange for them to transport the machine to the new location.
  • Get a print of the layout of the office from the landlord so you can get an idea of how the furniture will be placed. A common mistake people make is their moving desks don’t have interchangeable returns and don’t fit the way they envisioned in the new office.

Relocating an office can seem like a monumental task but with a little coordination and rallying of the employees and a little help from a good moving company you will be up and running in your new office over the span of a weekend.