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Moving Service in Jacksonville

If you live in or around Jacksonville, FL and planning to relocate you might be in need of a moving service. Moving your belongings is one of the more tedious and difficult parts of relocating to an new city. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, you might be looking for a Jacksonville, FL moving service that promises safety and a pleasant experience.

Moving Service in JacksonvilleHere are some of the things to consider when selecting a Jacksonville moving service.


Experience is what counts because at the end of the day you want your goods to reach their destination intact and in one piece. The relocation company will send out personnel who know how to pack your stuff correctly. This means, using proper packaging materials for each type of item to be packed. Some items are robust enough to be merely boxed and sent on their way. Other items need additional layers of wrapping, to buffer them against the stresses of the journey. Whether you have special items, collectibles, and unique stuff or everyday household items, what matters is how well these items are packaged. Experience also counts when it comes to how the items are loaded and unloaded. Experienced movers take the time to protect your belongings, this means padding the floor to protect wood floors against scratches, when moving heavy items across the floor. Or, it might translate to removing flower pots, small furniture, and other items out of the way, to clear a path to the truck when loading your items.


Safety is not only about how intact your items are when they reach the destination. You would also want to feel safe when the movers are in your home, packing your things. This is why you should look for a local moving company that offers not only expertise but also good reviews. This means the people tasked with moving your things will do it efficiently and with no trouble to you. For you and your family safety is a prime consideration and you want that the people working at your home are considerate. You might want to check out their list of previous customers, to gauge how reliable they are.


This is another major requirement because insurance can help you from suffering major losses in the unlikely event of something happening to your items. All registered moving companies offer insurance and you would want to ensure that any company you work with has the right insurance. Note that some items may be insurable, so be sure to ask if any of your goods are excluded.


A lot of moving companies offer storage as an additional paid service. This is a very useful feature of moving companies, for people who want to extra space to store their belongings, or they send their belongings to the destination city way ahead of schedule. You would want to check if the moving and packing company offers storage, to avoid the possibility of having nowhere to place your belongings at a new address. Storage is also a useful feature for businesses looking to put their equipment and other non critical items in a safe place.


If you are moving and on a budget, price is one of the factors to consider. You don’t necessarily have to choose the cheapest offer, because safety, expertise and other factors also matter. However it helps if you can find a reliable moving company at a price that is reasonable. Pricing depends on various factors. Usually you will be priced based on the distance. For homeowners, pricing might also factor in the size of the home, because larger homes tend to have more items. You can choose to undertake some of the tasks yourself, to save money. If you have considerable experience with the moving process you might get your moving materials from the moving company and do the packaging on your own.

There might be additional services offered, should you need them. For example you can use their bulk disposal service for removal of heavy items you no longer need. If you are planning to relocate to Jacksonville there are plenty of reliable moving companies waiting to assist you. Here at T & E Movers we offer free quotes for our services, give us a call at 904-997-1884 to get started.