Moving With Kids: How to Childproof Your Move

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April 27, 2015
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When you have kids, you have to look at every task you do in a different way to ensure that you are doing it so it is safe for kids of all ages. Moving is one of those tasks that can get cluttered and disorganize your usual way of living. Moving companies in Jacksonville FL know that safety is an important issue when moving, and here are a few of the ways they recommend childproofing your move.

Involve your kids in the process

You’re may find that some kids want to retaliate against the idea of moving, but this is actually a great opportunity for you to teach your kids a valuable lesson about organization.

Be sure you have them help pack their own room if they are old enough to understand the task. Moving companies in Jacksonville FL can help by providing smaller boxes for the kids so the task seems less daunting and more their size and speed. And if they are still too young, you can give them a box and a few toys that they can play with so they feel they are part of the action, without getting in the way.

Take special care in the dangerous items you pack

You’ll want to make sure sharp objects like knives and tools are packed safely and labeled before you pack anything else. Do the same thing with your chemical cleaners or anything that can be harmful to ingest or get in the eyes or nose.

Put these boxes together in an area that you can either protect from your kids, or that is in a spot they don’t have access to. Moving companies in Jacksonville FL know how dangerous it can be for anyone, not just a child, to reach into a box and dig around without knowing that a knife or sharp objects are present.

Watch your kids during the process

As you pack and unpack certain areas of both the old location and new location, pay attention to the areas that your child is naturally drawn towards. Does your toddler want to go near the staircase and try to climb it when they think you’re not looking? Then you’ll want to leave the baby gate up when you aren’t moving objects up and down the steps.

You should have a strategy in place for when you need to use these areas that can be in the danger zone such as planning to use the steps during nap times. If you are using a moving company in Jacksonville FL they will understand those extra needs.

Talk to the movers about your expectations

Once you have decided what moving company you are going with, let the movers know that you have kids and their age. You can tell them what to expect from the kids during the move. Since safety is the number one concern for moving companies in Jacksonville FL, they will appreciate you letting them know of any obstacles.

On the days of the big move it can be extremely helpful to have a friend or family member watch your little ones so you have an extra set of eyes on them. Or possibly find a place where they will be more comfortable and well behaved in all of the commotion of moving.