Packing on a Budget: 3 Packing Hacks You Might Not Have Considered

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February 26, 2015
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packing tipsIt’s just a fact of life that moving can be an expensive endeavor. Between finding a reliable moving company in Jacksonville, Fl all the way to gassing up your car for the drive to your new place, all the little details you have to coordinate for a move can add up quickly. One area you may not realize how much you can save in is the actual packing of your belongings. In this article we’ll go over some “packing hacks” you may not have heard of before – that can really benefit you and your wallet when it comes time to prepare for your move!

Don’t pay for boxes!

Here are several resources for locating free boxes near you:

  • – search by your location and connect with others who have spare boxes to give up.
  • Your place of work – chances are there are at least 2 large printers/copiers in your place of employment, and those boxes that copier paper comes in are extremely sturdy and great for packing.
  • Walmart Supercenter and Publix locations – make sure to call your nearby location
    beforehand and ask when they’ll have the most boxes available. Oftentimes it’s only one or two days per week so be sure to check in advance before making the trip to pick them up!
  • Liquor Stores – sometimes you have to go in and ask an employee if they have any extras at the moment (or call ahead to save yourself time) but usually they leave them out by the dumpsters for trash pickup. These boxes are great because they’re generally clean (they were just used to hold unopened bottles of spirits) and also will have dividers in them – great for packing breakable items that need to be separated.

Don’t pay for packing materials!

  • Use what you have: everything in your home has to be packed somehow, and dish towels, beach towels, rags, throw pillows, blankets, comforters, sheets, heavy coats and sweaters – all of these can be used to wrap breakables or keep fragile items from banging into one another.
  • All those old magazine issues you have lying around? Tear out several pages at a time and use them to wrap dishes. The same goes for any newspaper or other paper material you have laying around.

Simplify moving your jewelry with duct tape!

Jewelry can be a hassle to move and you may be tempted to buy special organizers in order to keep it safe and tangle-free. The solution to this is something so simple but quite effective! Just take a cardboard box and lay it down sideways, then lay your necklaces out on it. Place several pieces of tape long-ways to secure it to the box, repeat for each inside surface of the box, and voila! Now you can pack a large amount of jewelry in a single box, and ensure it will arrive at your new destination without any

Moving always has the potential of getting pricey depending on which routes you take to get to your new destination. These tips can reduce the financial burden that can come with packing your belongings, and hopefully your stress level in the process.