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May 16, 2016
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Moving is a daunting task which is accompanied with lots of stress, work and expenses. You have a lot of packing to do and have lots of other work to take care of. Things may get easier if you have someone to help you; however if you don’t, it’s better to enlist the help of a professional moving company.

Yes, a Jacksonville moving company can help you in many ways. Not only will they help you with packing and loading your stuff, there are many other ways they can do to help you with your move and give you more reason to hire them.

Saves you valuable time

Hiring a local mover saves you time, instead of packing, unpacking and moving your things, you can take care of more important things. Some of these things include closing utilities, transferring your bank accounts, checking out your destination and its nearby schools, markets and stores or organizing our new home;  instead of moving in boxes which require days to sort through and put away.

Who knows? You may end up saving so much time hiring professional movers for the move that you can actually go for a small vacation shortly after moving to your new location!

They have the necessary expertise and experience

Jax MoversProfessional movers are experts at their work, they know how to pick up all types and sizes of boxes without hurting their back. They also have the necessary equipment to reduce the effort of lifting boxes, which you may not have.

On the contrary, you may not have this experience, knowledge or equipment so the money you hope to save by not hiring moving services for your move may end up with you spending thousands on physical therapy or chiropractic appointments.

Moreover, if you end up hurting your back, you will have to take rest and consequent sick leave, which leads to a pay cut. Can you actually afford all this, especially if you are making a move to start a fresh new career?

They have the tools and equipment

It’s not easy dismantling your furniture and equipment during a move. There’s the risk of your doing things wrong and you end up doing more damage than good after the move. On the contrary, professional movers and packers have the necessary tools and experience to do take apart and put together the furniture you own if it’s necessary.

You may end up losing friends

If you don’t hire a moving company to pack, load and move your things, you obviously have to get your friends help you as you can’t do everything alone! Your friends will of course help you; but there is always a possibility they are doing it out of obligation, and that they have other things to do!

Moreover, they may get stressed with your work, and may not actually like doing so much work for you. Just like there is a risk of you injuring yourself during the move, your friends and family may also get injured while moving your heavy furniture. If this happens, they too will have to take sick leave, and pay for their treatment wherein they will expect you to pay for some of their medical expenses!

Valuation coverage saves you lots of money

The last, and most important reason to hire a professional moving service for your move is the fact that they offer valuation coverage. This proves valuable to you in case some of your belongings get damaged if something goes wrong during the move. With this coverage, the damaged piece is repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

You thus save a lot of money here especially if you already have to spend money for your mortgage and other moving expenses. So in case you accidentally drop your TV while carrying out the move on your own, you end up without a television. However if professional movers drop your television, you may just have to wait for a few days and you will have a new one delivered to your home.

So you see, hiring a local moving company proves to be a better option than moving all your items on your own. You save not only your time, but also your health, money and stress!