The Pros And Cons Of A DIY Move

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July 31, 2015
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August 14, 2015
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It is said that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that you will go through in your life, and the actual moving of your possessions is possibly the most stressful aspect of all. Many people face the dilemma of whether to try and complete the move themselves, or whether to use professional movers in Jacksonville Beach FL. This article will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY move.

The pros of a DIY move

One of the main advantages of moving yourself is that it is the cheaper option as you do not have to pay a company to do the move for you. As there are a lot of other costs involved with moving house, this is a popular way for people to try and save money. However, you may find that you are not saving as much money as you may think. You may have to hire a van to transport some of your larger items that will not fit in your car. Also, if you cannot move the majority of your things in one trip, you may need to go back and forth a number of times, which can see fuel costs soon begin to add up.

The cons of a DIY move

There are also other disadvantages to moving yourself. While it may be true that you are saving a little bit of money, you will probably be spending a lot more time organizing things than if it were left to a professional company. If everything can’t be moved in one trip, then you will either be spending time making several journeys, or trying to organize help from family and friends. A company of movers Jacksonville Beach FL would also be able to help with the packing up of your items, and they would provide all the materials that are needed for this, including the boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Again, buying these materials yourself would be an additional expense that you may have not considered.

Extra considerations

The items that you are moving will not be covered for any damage if you move yourself, which means you will be left with the full cost of replacing them should any damage occur. This would not be the case with a professional company, as they will be fully insured if anything were to happen to any of your possessions that they were transporting. Experienced movers would also be more likely to take any necessary precautions against the risk of damage, which means that the chances of any accidents happening would be less than if you were moving yourself.

DIY or hire?

Even though a DIY move might seem like a cheaper option, this may not actually be the case when you start to add up all the potential expenses that moving yourself could bring. Professional movers Jacksonville Beach FL have much more experience in moving than you do, and so know exactly what needs to be done, and how best to do it. This kind of experience often means that using a moving company is a better option than trying to complete the move yourself.