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January 5, 2015
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January 26, 2015
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mover tipsMoving is a huge event in anyone’s life and there’s a ton of stress involved. There are a lot of boxes and a whole host of awkward furniture; dressers, chairs, tables, bedroom sets and nick-knacks to consider. Do you have the equipment to move all those items? Do you have the physical strength or the time?

While it’s very important to organize packing everything in preparation for your move, deciding how you want everything set up when you get there and figuring out how to organize all your things in your new space, it’s equally important to consider how you’re going to get it there. There are a ton of companies out there to pick from when choosing a moving company. Don’t worry, there are factors that can help you decide which moving company is right for you, which ones will streamline the process as much as possible and hopefully make it a less stressful experience.

You can avoid disaster by following a few simple steps that will make everything just a little easier when choosing from the many moving companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

It might be hard to believe in today’s modern age but some of the best moving companies around you probably don’t have websites, so the first advice to anyone moving is to look at other places besides the Internet for refutable companies. Sure, there are all kinds of resources and reviews that exist, but you never know it’s a scam until it’s too late. You can use the Internet later but you also need to look local, which is the second piece of advice. As a prospective mover, you’re bound to be worried about your stuff being safe, so find trustworthy moving companies Jacksonville, Florida movers and residents have already tried and tested. It’s best assured to ease your mind by picking a moving company that has been around for five to ten years. Set up an appointment with the movers to come to your house, to look around and give you a basic estimate and make sure that the vehicles that the movers use are official and not simply magnetized to make them look legitimate.

The third piece of advice is to make sure that the mover doesn’t give you a quote based on the size of your house but rather on the things you are moving. Sure that sounds ridiculous, but ensuring these things guarantee that you won’t be dealing with a crisis later. Be aware that you should never sign paperwork that hasn’t been fully explained. Obviously, as well as reading every document, make sure you completely understand the ramifications of your agreement and the documents that are presented to you. Furthermore, legitimate moving companies Jacksonville, Florida customers trust should carry a pamphlet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” to help a mover easily understand what should and should not happen.

Enjoy Your Experience

Don’t let moving get you down.  Sure, it’s stressful but it can be an enjoyable experience that ends with you in an exciting new place, full of opportunities and new friends, as well as culture, exciting events and interesting places to go, exploring everything that there is to explore from your brand new house. Research which moving companies Jacksonville, Florida residents recommend today to get the very best and reliable service a mover can get.