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January 26, 2015
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February 16, 2015
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moving with petsMoving to a new home is a demanding task. This is even more challenging if you have pets that you need to move with. As a pet owner, the following tips will help you when it comes to moving into a new home with your pets.

Get Veterinary Records

This is critical if you are moving to or from Jacksonville to your new home. In your new home, your pets will need a new vet and without these records, it may be a little tough to give them the best care that they deserve. You will also need to ensure that they are vaccinated depending on your destination and also get their health certificates. As you are getting these records, it is also good practice to have a new vet in your new area contacted. In fact, he or she will play a key role in telling you what exact records you will need from your old vet.

Update the Pet’s Tags

Your pet’s collar tag needs to have important information including your current address to ensure that you can easily find them if they get lost. Jacksonville movers also recommend that you include your destination address on the tags as you prepare to move. Other than just the addresses, double check to ensure that your cell phone number is visible on the tag so you can be reached easily in case you lose your precious cargo during the moving process.

Keep Them Aside When Packing

On moving day, pets are quite vulnerable. Keeping them away them from the packing and loading hassle will certainly keep them safe. You can keep them in a well-ventilated place like your bathroom and even put a label on the door so people to leave them in peace. Alternatively, you could buy a collapsible crate to keep them safe until you will be coming for them. Whether you use the crate or one of the rooms, ensure that your pet is familiar with it, otherwise, they are likely to become nervous and could even escape.

Keep a First Aid Kit to Hand

You never know when your pet may need medical attention as you move. Therefore, you need to invest in a first aid kit if you do not already have one. This kit may not be substitute for emergency care service, but it will be sure to keep your pet safe until you can find suitable medical attention. A number of Jacksonville movers also have these kits with them. Some of the recommended supplies that you need in this first aid kit include; bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, towels and hydrogen peroxide. You can get all these supplies from your veterinary.

Prepare Your New Home

When moving with your pets, you must prepare their new home. In fact, if you can make the new home look and feel like the old one, your pets will have a very easy time settling in. You also need to be sure to supply plenty of food, water and anything else that the pets will need once you get to the new house.

Moving to a new home with your pets may sound and even seem like a mountainous task, but these tips will help you not only ensure their safety but also help them settle in the new home easily. Lastly, ensure that you hire one of the reliable Jacksonville movers, and you, and your pets, will arrive in your new home safe and sound.