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What To Do Before Your Jacksonville Apartment Movers Arrive

Jacksonville Apartment MoversWhen hiring a Jacksonville moving company to move your apartment locally in town you are more than likely going to be on an hourly rate. Therefore, preparing your apartment correctly will cut down on the time the apartment movers in Jacksonville are there and ultimately saving you money. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. Parking arrangements – Make sure you have secured parking spaces close to your apartment and big enough for your moving truck to safely back in and utilize. Especially, on Saturday and Sunday as these days are most people’s off days and the parking lot tends to be full. Nothing as time on to a move like a long walk to the truck. If you are moving into another apartment you should consider roping off an area at the other end also.
  2. Boxes – A poorly packed apartment can add hours onto a job. Lot of people try to scrap together used boxes from liquors stores and department store dumpsters. This may save you money on the front end but can cost you substantially more on the back end. The used boxes you get are usually different shapes, sizes, often don’t have tops, or already weakened which all make them hard to move. There are a lot of places that sell boxes for very cheap.
  3. Boxes continued – When packing your boxes you want to make sure you fill them completely while distributing the weight between all boxes. Do not fill a large box full of books. You should have fillers like pillows, blankets, towels to fill the box to the top so it helps keep the box sturdy and from getting crushed. Label each box clearly and stack them 3 or 4 high in groups of where they go, for example, stack kitchen boxes together and master bedroom boxes together. All this will save you substantial amount of time.
  4. Disassemble furniture – No one knows your furniture better than you. Therefore if you have beds with a lot of bolts take it apart before the apartment movers arrive. If you have a table that does not fit out the door then take the legs off before the movers arrive. Disconnect items like your TV, washer / dryer, fridge and roll the cords together and tape them.
  5. Have refreshments – Nothing will slow a mover down more than the hot summer heat and going up and down stairs. If you know your move is difficult meaning you have heavy items or there are stairs involved than it is a nice gesture to have cold water available to your movers. It will boost morale and keep the movers energized so they can continue working at a steady pace.

Jacksonville Apartment Movers

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