General Information About The City Of Jacksonville, Florida

Located in Northeastern Florida, Jacksonville is home to a vibrant community of locals with a rich history and welcoming vibe.

The population sits at 880,619 and continues to rise by the day. It’s a unique city and one with ample space for everyone to enjoy. This read will take a glance at some of the key details to know about Jacksonville and all that it has to offer.

This is one of those cities, which remains on the minds of those who want to have a good time and relax while sitting near a gorgeous beach.


With one of the most exemplary college scenes in the nation, Jacksonville drives in thousands upon thousands of students each year.

This includes colleges such as the University of North Florida, Florida Community College, Florida Technical College, Florida Metropolitan University, Edwards Waters College, Remington College, ITT Technical Institute, and the Sanford-Brown Institute.

Its culture is one of those requirements, which continues to appeal to those who want world-class quality.

This is what makes it such an appealing place to visit or come for college. Due to its large student population, there’s always something going on around Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Beaches

One of the reasons tourism tends to rise at various times of the year has to do with Jacksonville’s beaches.

These are beaches, which are not only home to beautiful sand but clear water as well. It is a sight to behold, and millions of people enjoy their time near the beaches due to this reason. These beaches are not only clean but some of the best in the world.

For those who are looking to soak up a bit of the sun, it’s the beaches that are going to do the job to a tee.

These beaches in Jacksonville include Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune Beach.


For those who are going to spend time out during the evenings in Jacksonville, it’s the Riverwalk, which tends to win critical acclaim. It is a scenic route filled with things to do and is one of the staples of Jacksonville as a city. In fact, people from various parts of the state come to visit this during the nighttime.

The same applies to all of the nearby restaurants, stores, and attractions nestled in the downtown area.

This is a must-see time of the day and a big reason for moving to Jacksonville.

General Facts

Want to get to know Jacksonville at a deeper level?

Here are some of the most important stats to keep in mind about this vibrant city and its unique populace.

  1. The Average Age is 36 in Jacksonville
  2. 51% Women, 49% Men
  3. 43% of the Population is Married
  4. The Median Income is $33,000
  5. Average Commute Time: 24 Minutes
  6. 58% White, 42% Other (African/Hispanic/Asian)
  7. Located in Duval County
  8. Average Precipitation (Yearly): 49 Inches
  9. Key Neighborhoods Include: Saint Johns, Dinsmore, Cecil Field, Mayport, Julington Creek, and Maxville
  10. Key Hospitals Include: St Luke’s Hospital, St Vincent’s Medical Center, and Shands Jacksonville

Jacksonville continues to be the heart of Florida and a big reason for why people visit. It is homely, fun, and momentous for those who are visiting or residing in the area. What better way to get a gist of Florida’s love for the warm weather and all that it has to offer?

The city has been termed as one of the largest growing populations in the States and one to keep an eye on for its potential as an economic powerhouse. This illustrates the way things are trending and all this unique city brings to the table.

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