Piano Moving Companies near Jacksonville, Florida

Why You Should Use A Piano Moving Service Rather Than Trying To Do It Yourself?

Piano Movers in Jacksonville, FLHiring a professional Jacksonville piano mover to move your piano is a must to avoid damage to the piano and damage to yourself.  There are many reasons to hire a piano moving company in Jacksonville, FL but here are the 5 main reasons:

  • Risk of Injury – There are many types of pianos that come in all different shapes, sizes, and weights. But one thing all pianos have in common is they are heavy – some can get upwards of 500 – 1000 pounds.  That type of weight is scary and dangerous for even the most skilled piano mover let alone a couple of guys trying to move it on a pickup truck.  Without the proper tools, dollies, straps, and piano boards you put yourself at great risk for injury and the cost of fixing yourself will far exceed the cost of hiring professional piano movers in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Damage to piano – Most pianos hold great value whether it is sentimental or actual monetary value. If you decide to move the piano yourself you greatly increase your chances of damaging the piano.  By hiring a Jacksonville moving company to move the piano you decrease the risk of damage to a piano exponentially.
  • Transportation – Another advantage of using a moving company to move your piano is because they have enclosed box trucks with ramps.  Once you get it in the truck you can strap it securely to the wall of the truck.  But if you decide to move it yourself you will most likely have a pickup truck or trailer that will be difficult to secure it and protect it from the weather.
  • Save Money – A big reason why most people tend to do stuff themselves is to save money. But when you begin to add all the expenses associated with moving a piano they quickly realize that is more beneficial to hire a piano moving company to save on paying for gas, paying for help, renting trucks and tools.
  • Stairs – Moving up and down stairs is a difficult task in itself without adding the weight of a piano to your back. Even if the piano doesn’t go to a 2nd floor and just needs to go up a few steps into the front door can be a very difficult task to accomplish.  Hiring a skilled piano mover with the proper equipment, like a piano board, would be able to devise a ramp system to get the piano up the stairs without damaging the piano.

Anytime you can do something yourself rather than hiring a company to save money is a good thing, unless, it involves moving a prized heirloom that weighs close to a small car.  The amount of money you would save pales in comparison to the risk involved in moving a piano. If you are looking for a piano moving company we service the following cities Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, Atlantic Beach, Fleming Island, Macclenny, Anastasia Island, St. Augustine, Saint Johns, Callahan, Mandarin, Amelia Island, Fernandina, Neptune Beach, Yulee and Green Cove Springs.

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